Рабочая группа

Brand manager Elvira Kenzhesarieva
Strategy, SMM manager, copywriter Saikal Toktogulova
Designer Dmitry Bondarev


Maksym is the national drink of the nomadic Kyrgyz. It has always been a capricious drink: it could explode with strong shaking, with heat, and so on. Despite this, the drink is healthy and nutritious.
Shoro company has been producing Maksym for over 30 years. Just like 200 years ago, today's composition of the drink implies that if stored or transported incorrectly, it explodes upon opening. This causes discomfort and creates inconvenience for the company's consumers. That is why the brand team prefers to avoid showing swollen bottles or explosions in the frame.
But few people know that the explosion of the bottle says 100% natural composition of the drink. This means that it does not contain artificial additives that could make it easier to consume, increase the number of sales, reduce costs and increase shelf life. But then it would be contrary to the mission of the company, so Maksym remains as natural as in the days of our ancestors.
At the same time, a similar product from competing companies is stored 3 times longer, it is convenient to use.
It was important for the brand marketing team to show that the company's product differs from competitors in a useful way, and the explosion is an indicator of the naturalness of the composition.

Marketing objective: To grow awareness of the 100% naturalness of the product
Communication objective: Illustrate the benefit of the product
Insight at the product level: If it explodes, it means natural.
Key Message: Same as 200 years ago.

Copyright: Indomitable character, centuries of history.
Deliverables: Key visual for digital channels and branding of branded trucks in the form of elements that are associated with the "Kyrgyz" character and culture, and are also important in the cultural code: horses, the main mode of transportation of nomadic peoples, are associated with national games; golden eagle - rare species of which can only be found in Kyrgyzstan, because the landscape is 70% covered with mountains; yurt - housing and life of nomadic peoples throughout Central Asia.
Channels: Social networks, bloggers, popular news accounts on Instagram

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