It's your homies here. Watch it. Shoot it. And make money!

It's your homies here. Watch it. Shoot it. And make money!


Aitu Dala

Рабочая группа

Semenikhin Eugene - CMO, Aitu Dala
Bayev Alexey – CEO
Kristina Durova – Head of Sales & Account Services
Zarina Uldasheva – Head of Production
Daniil Kurbatov – Creative Group Head
Oleg Pogrebnyak - Special Projects Manager at Aitu Dala
Ainur Iskakova - PR manager Aitu Dala
Altyn Abaeva – Junior Producer
Konstantin Sobol - Director
Sardar Baimoldin - DOP
Viktor Brodyagin - Executive Producer
Evgenia Vastyanova - Line Producer
Maria Roshchina - Second Director
Yulia Kravchenko - Art Director
Kamilla Atayeva - Costume Designer
Ruslan Mukhambetov - Costume Designer
Arsen Oganesov – Sound


The Aitube Case: What Brings Almaty Pigeons, The Green Bazaar, and The Kazakhstan's Video Hosting Together!

A short video recording a saleswoman at the Green Bazaar in Almaty being attacked by a group of "pigeons" went viral on social networks ( The "pigeon attack" got more than 4 million views, 30+ postings on social networks and by bloggers, let alone hundreds of reposts. The audience was wondering what was going on and why no-one looked surprised on the video.

It turned out that the pigeon video was part of the filming of creative video "It's your homies here. Watch it. Shoot it. And make money!" for the Aitube product.

Aitube ( is a Kazakhstani video hosting introduced in December 2019. Currently, the site's audience has broken the five-million barrier.

"It's your homies here. Watch it. Shoot it. And make money!" promo - is a creative twist through which Aitube seeks to communicate its value as a platform for encouraging and developing local creative activity.

Aitube invites everyone who wants to unleash their creative potential to start generating content and make it profitable.

The creative video is accompanied by the slogan "It's your homies here. Watch it. Shoot it. And make money!" and is a collection of typical viral videos that gain hundreds of thousands of views. There were also cultural references to local folklore. These are beef pie (with reference to the popular series 5:32) at the Green Bazaar, the fans surrounding the famous actor Tauekel Musilim, the shepherds on pastures, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, which turned out to be an escalator bucket, and the incident with the burning veil of the bride at the wedding. Each scene of the video is a separate meme. By this narrative, we wanted to make a “video constructor” that can be divided into semantic blocks and adapted to different platforms and duration (6 sec, 15 sec) IsOBQu3nn3&index=7
(15 sec) CKIsOBQu3nn3&index=17
(6 sec)

Choosing pigeons as one of the key characters was not a random idea. Aitube promotes local content striving to develop local video production and the blogger community. Those very "native props and attributes" were engaged in the production. The Green Bazaar and pigeons are inextricably associated with Almaty on an emotional level. There is hardly an Almaty resident that hasn’t got a story related to the Bazaar or pigeons. Pigeons often become news headliners, and the city residents have special feelings for them.