It is your homies here. See it. Film it

It is your homies here. See it. Film it


LLP Aitu Dala

Рабочая группа

Bayev Alexey – General Producer
Kristina Durova – Head of Sales & Account Services
Daniil Kurbatov – Creative Group Head
Konstantin Sobol - Director
Viktor Brodyagin - Executive Producer
Eugene Semenikhin - CMO, Aitu Dala
Kislova Yulia - media strategist
Nikultsev Dmitry - traffic manager
Iskakova Ainur - PR-specialist


Objective video hosting has gained great popularity among Kazakhstanis for two years, mainly due to the possibility of an exclusive viewing of popular local web series. But a few users perceived as a platform for creating and monetizing their own content and developing creativity. The main objective of the campaign “It is your homies here. See it. Film it.” was to convey the value of the platform for the promotion and development of creative potential for local content creators and for viewers – to popularize the Aitube brand as the first option for viewing content generated by local authors from Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

As part of achieving the main objective of the advertising campaign, we have identified the following marketing goals:

1. Increase spontaneous knowledge about the brand as a platform for both content creators and viewers
2. Increase the percentage of users of the service
3. Increase the level of user loyalty to video hosting
4. Increase the volume of the UGC channels

To track the campaign's effectiveness, we conducted monthly BrandLift research using a sociological research platform / This solution helped obtain digitized results and measure the effectiveness of media investments.


We drove the key message “It is your homies here. See it. Film it.” through the main format - a video clip.

The creative video is accompanied by the slogan "It is your homies here. See it. Film it." and is a collection of typical viral videos that gain hundreds of thousands of views. There were also cultural references to local folklore. These are beef pie (with reference to the series 5:32) at the Green Bazaar, the fans surrounding the actor Tauekel Musilim, the shepherds on pastures, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, which turned out to be an escalator bucket, and the incident with the burning veil of the bride at the wedding. Each scene of the video is a separate meme. By this narrative, we wanted to make a “video constructor” that can be divided into semantic blocks and adapted to different platforms and duration (6 sec, 15 sec)
(15 sec)
(6 sec)

Barriers to implementation

In recent years, more and more people are acquiring “banner blindness" due to the development of different advertising formats and the appearance of many advertisers. It is increasingly difficult for brands and agencies to involve the target audience in active communication with advertising when users themselves share interesting or useful brand content with their subscribers or friends.

To overcome this barrier, we have developed an advertising placement strategy consisting of 2 flights. Each flight was designed to solve the general task of reaching the target audience and a narrower subtask.

A few weeks before the launch of the main campaign, we launched a viral flight that helped draw attention to the main video and increased the frequency of contact with the audience.

To do this, we divided the video into several independent viral videos and launched them on popular social networks disguised as UGC content.

As a result, the videos have collected more than 5 million free viral coverage in Kazakhstan and have been seen in Tiktok, Indonesia, India, and other countries.

The most popular of them is a video about the attack of Almaty pigeons on a saleswoman in the Green Bazaar, which has gained more than 4 million views, 30 publications, shares by bloggers, and hundreds of reposts. People did not understand what was happening and put forward their hypotheses in the comments.

In addition, thanks to this flight, it was possible to save a substantial budget for advertising distribution.


A wide range of channels was selected to distribute advertising messages and thoroughly reach the target audience. To embed used Google Ads (Youtube), Yandex, Live and Direct, targeted advertising in social networks, programmatic platform and internal video modes Aitube. kz

As a result of the campaign, we received more than 14 million cumulative coverage (4 million of which we received due to the viral flight for free) and more than 8 million video views (with an average of more than 60% “watched to the end”). Users have left hundreds of positive comments under the commercial on social media.

When placing, it was essential to get the maximum coverage of the target audience. Still, at the same time, the key priority was to track the quality of traffic and the measurability of the results of the advertising campaign.
The main focus in evaluating the results was analyzing marketing and product metrics.

As a result, all the key metrics that we identified at the beginning of the campaign have grown:

1. In 3 months, the brand awareness of Aitube has grown by almost eight percentage points. At the same time, ⅔ of users saw Aitube ads in the digital space during the advertising campaign.

2. The indicator of audience loyalty increased by four percentage points (the willingness of users to recommend the service to relatives and friends).

3. More than 6 thousand users have opened a channel on and uploaded their first videos.

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