Contact: The Story Of Uncle Salman, A Man Who Met Aliens

Contact: The Story Of Uncle Salman, A Man Who Met Aliens


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Project Director: Farhad Shabanov
Creative Director: Orkhan Kerimov
Art Director: Ramin Farzullayev
Chief of Copywriting: Sabina Rustamli
Digital Group Head: Mushfig Shiraliyev
Copywriter: Bilal Ashrafov
Designer/Ilustrator: Samanta Kadyrova
Motion Graphics Designer: Murad Mammadov
Producer: Ulker Askerli
Director: Emin Muradov



There are many people who claim to have seen aliens. Yet all the proof they got is pixelated photos or low-quality videos. So they can’t prove their experience. Even though it’s a global phenomenon, there are local cases too. Uncle Salman, for instance, can’t make his case despite he tried to publicize it regardless. And he himself complained about how his then phone only took terrible photos...


Inspired by his complaint, we determined the most suitable phone for such experiences. Night-mood? Zooming? 8K? All are available in Samsung Galaxy S22. We tried to give them an opportunity to record their experience in high quality. We found an epic formula to promote such an opportunity. That’s why we are dedicated to telling Uncle Salman’s story to inspire a lot of space enthusiasts.


Firstly, we shot the mockumentary of Uncle Salman, alongside its teaser. In the mockumentary, he told about his experience with aliens throughout. Since it gathered attention itself, we attached a packshot at the end. Additionally, we designed a series of “how to” tip posts about how to record it in high quality with Samsung Galaxy S22.


Since it premiered, it got widespread attention on social media. It instantly became one of the hot topics. It also caused a lot of discussion on the news sites as well. As it circulated on social media, people speculated a lot of possible scenarios by themselves. So at the end we got astronomical results: 1.3M views (first week only), 4M impressions and 1K+ shares in total.