Рабочая группа

Strategy Director: Iskander Khaitbaev
Creative Director: Doniyor Abbasov
Client Services Director: Tatyana Pestereva
Art DIrector: Aleksey Klestov
Senior Strategist: Nadejda Ten
Junior Strategist: Abdumalik Ochilov
PR-Manager: Laziza Nadjmitdinova


In the past few years, Uzbek banks have started paying a lot more attention to the development of client mobile apps. Aloqabank, one of Uzbekistan's oldest government-owned banks, saw an opportunity in the fast-growing mobile payments market, dominated by two mobile apps with no affiliation to banks. Aloqabank decided to utilize it's existing mobile banking platform and introduced Zoomrad, a standalone mobile payments app. But there was one problem - there were already more than 20 players on the market.

We needed to find a way to attract the user's attention, while keeping focus on maximizing performance. After weeks of product, competitor and consumer analysees, we came to the conclusion that the best way to launch Zoomrad is by highlighting it's key functional features with emotional communications. We handpicked 10 features that were cheaper, easier to use or unique to the competition, and 'yelled' about them on TV, urban screens, social media, display networks, messengers and through bloggers and influencers.

We sent all our traffic to the app stores and maximized the efficiency of our campaign by optimizing each ad placement. For that, we monitored every single video, banner, animation and intergation by constantly analyzing over 300 unqiue tracker links. Within a 2-month campaign we managed to generate over 32 min views of our messages and instantly gained our first 100,000 users, doubling our initial target for new app installs.

The campaign ran from January through March 2021. During this time, we showed Zoomrad to the viewers of one of the most popular TV channels - Zo'r TV; to the millions of users of Facebook, Instagram, VK and Odnoklassniki; on thousands of websites through Google and Yandex display networks; on YouTube prerolls and on news sites; in the feeds of popular bloggers and influencers; and on 28 screens in the 5 largest cities.