Рабочая группа

Strategy Director: Iskander Khaitbaev
Creative Director: Doniyor Abbasov
Client Services Director: Tatyana Pestereva
Art DIrector: Aleksey Klestov
Senior Strategist: Nadejda Ten
Junior Strategist: Abdumalik Ochilov


Galavit is a popular treatment in many CIS countries for children with colds, flus and other respiratory illnesses. The brand has been present in Uzbekistan for several years, but has had little exposure to the masses. Low brand awareness and an above average price kept Galavit sales from rising.

We needed a simple message that would introduce Galavit to our audience, while explaining why the higher price is worth paying. After interviewing and surveying hundreds of mothers from all corners of Uzbekistan, we arrived at the conclusion that women are prone to spend more on medicine for their kids, as long as the medicine "helps".

We found our message - Galavit helps! A message that is easy to understand, easy to remember and best of all, directly targets the audience's main motivation. We wanted moms to know that if they're in need for something that helps, Galavit is the solution. Our bet paid off - Galavit sales have doubled by the end of the campaign.

The campaign ran from September to December 2021, reaching audiences through TV (Sevimli, MY5, Zo'r TV), social media (Facebook, Instagram) and display networks (Google, Yandex).