Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Iskander Khaitbaev
Brand Design & 3D: Aleksey Klestov
Design Assistant: Fozil Azizov


Clinics in Tashkent seldom pay attention to their brands and identities. Most of them have stock logos, many are named after the owner. So when our team was invited to develop the brand identity for a new beauty clinic, we were excited to offer the market something new.

Hearing the clinic's employees talk so passionately about bringing beauty to their patients nudged us to draw parallels with Renaissance sculptors, tirelessly working on the next masterpiece. So we gave the brand a beautiful name - Sculptura.

Our brand identity reveals the metaphorical transformation that is offered by sculptura - the path from clay to sculpture, like the birth of a butterfly. We formed a beautiful pastel palette and complimented it with patterns, derived from the curvatures of David, Michelangelo's masterpiece. Sculptura is surely a beauty clinic with beauty in it's brand.