Rockstar Energy

Рабочая группа

Creative Directors: Iskander Khaitbaev & Doniyor Abbasov
Art Director: Aleksey Klestov
Executive Producer: Dilyara Rakhmatullina
Production Manager: Sitora Djumaeva
Production Designer: Helga Geller
Photo & Retouch: Diyor Madrahimov
Costumes: Lolita Turadjanova, Luiza Yunusova
Hair & Makeup: Janina Salikhova, Elmira Kambekova
Color Grading: Doniyor Abbasov
Assistants: Abdumalik Ochilov, Laziza Nadjmitdinova
Backstage: Yaroslav Gladishev


In 2022 PepsiCo launched the world's #3 energy drink Rockstar Energy, in Uzbekistan. The product category has been booming lately, with one dominant brand owning half of the market, while the remaining half is shared by a few other well-known beverages. Rockstar needed to come out with something bright, unique and intriguing, to stand out of the crowd.

Our research showed that consumers are quite loyal to their favorite energy drink brands and to get them to try a new one, we needed the right communication. Culture code analysis revealed a rising influence of hip-hop culture on the youth all around Uzbekistan. This fit perfectly with Rockstar's "Fuel for those who hustle" positioning. We realized, that hip-hop aesthetics have a lot in common with Uzbek culture - hustling to make a living, gold teeth, admiration for brazen jewelry, handkerchiefs being worn like bandanas.

The brand was planning a digital + OOH campaign, so we came up with an idea for a photoshoot that would blend the average working man with the image of a hip-hop superstar. We developed 8 unique characters, shot them on 8 locations over a 2 day shoot, put them through our post production and The Hustlers were born.