The #2 Payments App!



Рабочая группа

Creative Directors: Iskander Khaitbaev & Doniyor Abbasov
3D & Motion Design: Aleksey Klestov
Senior Strategist: Nadejda Ten
Junior Strategist: Abdumalik Ochilov
Client Services: Tatyana Pestereva


The campaign strategy for launching Zoomrad, a new mobile payments app in Uzbekistan, was to become the user's second payments app. Our research showed that people often use 2 payment apps - one of the two market leaders and another app that offers something the leaders don't. We had a few great offers and needed to make them known.

As part of an integrated campaign, we developed a series of 10 OLV/OOH 3D-animations that highlighted product features that were unique to Zoomrad and had the highest chance of differentiating us from the market leaders. The short animations were fresh to the viewers eyes, since no one on the market was doing anything like it.

The hard part was making a 5-second animation tell a story by visualizing the consumer value in each of the 10 features. We managed to create a collection of vibrant, compelling animations, flashing our brand's colors and looking awesome on any screen.

The ads ran from January to March 2022 on all major social media platforms, in YouTube prerolls and popular Telegram channels, on 28 LED screens in 5 cities, gaining over 3.5 mln views in total.