Diarrhea comes. Diarrhea goes.



Рабочая группа

Creative Directors: Iskander Khaitbaev & Doniyor Abbasov
Art Direction: Doniyor Abbasov
3D Modelling: Aleksey Klestov, Botir Abdullaev
Motion Design: Doniyor Isamitdinov
Senior Strategist: Nadejda Ten
Junior Strategist: Abdumalik Ochilov
Client Services: Tatyana Pestereva
Music & Sound Design: Adham Abduraimov


Enterol is a popular solution for treating children with diarrhea in over 100 countries around the world. Though it has been present on pharmacy shelves in Uzbekistan for several years, Enterol was not well-known, and sales were low. The situation was excarbated by the fact that Enterol's main competitor has been increasing it's ad budget every year for the last few years.

To get an edge on the competition and boost Enterol sales, we developed a strategy to wow our audience for a fraction of what the competition was spending. Through surveys and interviews we stumbled upon an interesting insight - when diarrhea pays a visit, people have a flaming desire for it to pass as soon as possible. Aiming to satisfy that desire, we formulated our message - "Diarrhea comes. Diarrhea goes. Enterol."

We wanted to show TV viewers something they haven't seen before, so instead of filming the commercial, we did the entire thing in 3D-animation. Inspired by traditional Uzbek ceramic arts, we created a family of ceramic figurines who've fallen ill with diarrhea. Instead of using unpleasant sounds to emphasize stomach gurglings, we recorded a cacophony of traditional Uzbek musical instruments to replicate the gurgling sounds.

The ads ran from August to November 2021 on 3 of the most popular TV channels Sevimli, Zo'rTV and MY5, as well as on Facebook and Instagram, and in YouTube prerolls, reaching over 1.2 mln views in the OLV campaign alone.