Mohirlar Product Explainer



Рабочая группа

Creative Directors: Iskander Khaitbaev & Doniyor Abbasov
Art Direction: Doniyor Abbasov
3D Modelling: Aleksey Klestov, Botir Abdullaev
Motion Design: Shahzod Yavkoch
Copywriter: Iskander Khaitbaev
Client Services: Tatyana Pestereva


Mohirlar is an online freelance marketplace that unites people willing to sell their services with those willing to buy them. Our research showed that this is a new and unfimiliar consumer experience both for potential buyers and sellers across Uzbekistan, though there is a giant need for such a solution on both sides of the deal.

To make sure that people understand the value of Mohirlar correctly we developed and produced an explainer video. We needed the video to be not only informative, but appealing and fresh, so we set a goal to create a visually unique piece of 3D-animation, that is good at explaining new things in simple terms.

The 3D-animation introduces the viewer to Mohirlar, giving an overview of the service, highlighting individual benefits for buyers and sellers, providing context through real-life situations. The end result exceeded our initial expectations and reach the goal of being a feast for the eyes and ears, while staying relevant and informative.

The explainer video has been released with the launch of Mohirlar and is running in 'always on' mode on major social networks.