Avtovin Product Explainer



Рабочая группа

Creative Directors: Iskander Khaitbaev & Doniyor Abbasov
Art Direction: Iskander Khaitbaev & Doniyor Abbasov
3D Modelling: Botir Abdullaev
Motion Design: Doniyor Isamitdinov
Copywriter: Iskander Khaitbaev
Client Services: Tatyana Pestereva


Avtovin is an online marketplace for buying and selling cars and parts that launched in Tashkent in early 2022. The service allows users to run background checks on cars using their VIN-codes to compile a report on the history of the car, based on data from various sources.

Our research showed that people are hesitant to share the VIN-code of their car when selling it. To change their minds, we developed a 3D-animation that explains all the benefits of living in a world where you can check a car before buying it.

Our animation takes the viewer on a journey through the grey reality of trying to sell a car the "usual way" to the colorful lands of Avtovin, where everything is easier and better, while breaking down the product in simple terms along the way.

The explainer video has been released on Avtovin and the platform's social media accounts.