Рабочая группа

Executive Producer: Dilyara Rakhmatullina
Assistant Producer: Sitora Djumaeva
Photo & Retouch: Kristina Krasnova


Tegen, once one of the largest and most well-known sausage brands in Uzbekistan, has been slowly losing it's appeal, awareness and clients for several years. A large camapaign has been launched to attract those who were once loyal to the brand, but we decided that diversifying communications and attracting the attention of a new and fresh customer base is key to the brands long-term growth.

We turned to the Gen Z audience on Instagram and discovered a growing interest in the cultures of hip-hop, anime and the 90's. Understanding that we are competing for the attention of the younger audience with every other piece of good content in their feed, we turned Tegen's Instagram account into a photo gallery, that is constantly updated with new pics from our several themed photoshoots.