Volvo Car Almaty

Рабочая группа

Group Head: Aiza Ilyassova
Copywriter: Grigoriy Skorobogatko
Designer: Vladislava Kolesnik
Photographer and Retoucher: Gleb Terletskiy
Production manager: Aziz Akhtamov, Aibek Berdenov
Mobilographer: Torabek Alibayev, Arslan Prmagambetov
Video production & Motion Design: Dmitriy Kasterin
Account Manager: Kuanysh Sagintayev
Community manager: Ramina Kurakhimova, Dilnaz Dyusekina


Volvo Car Almaty is the first and only official dealership of the premium Swedish brand Volvo in Kazakhstan.

In July of 2021 we were faced with several main objectives:
– maintaining the brand’s image on the territory of Kazakhstan and its market.
– Promotion of financial programs to attract potential clients.
– Increasing the flow of the Test-drive requests.

Some would start with creating a media-plan, we decided to look for associations and inspiration: colors, words, weather, landscapes, music and history.

How to intertwine cold Scandinavia, Vikings and Swedish love for minimalism with a passionate oriental mentality, sunny Kazakhstani landscapes and love for maximalism in everything?

The colors of choice for us, as follows from the history of Volvo (Gothenburg, Sweden), were "Scandinavian": white, gray, blue, natural and earthy shades.

The same goes for the copyrwriting. The key words here, or «modus vivendi» are in the spirit of Volvo as well - "luxury, side by side with restraint."

Volvo's corporate identity and style is "discreet luxury" and "Swedish north". In our publications, we heavily relied on shots filled with "Nordic atmosphere", as well as shots with people – our people shot in landscapes familiar to us.

Having done the thorough research of the brand’s history, its values and current position, we chose several channels to work with:
– Social Media Management. We made sure to emphasize photo and video production to generate unique local content according to available stock, locations, seasons and more, that would allow users to see and «feel» the brand.
– Community marketing. Constant communication with the audience, instant replies and managing all incoming requests across all social media where the brand is live (i.e. Instagram and Facebook). That allowed brand to be more approachable which in return increased audience’s loyalty.
– Promotion through target advertising. Increasing reach and views through generating traffic to both social media platforms and official website; lead generation (test drive, financial programs, consultations), and post and stories promotion.

To create unique local content and to stand by the Nordic values. To attract new car lovers to the Volvo community and inspire existing ones. That’s what our cooperation was about.

Over the course of our work from July 1, 2021 to June 1, 2022, we increased the number of subscribers by 22%, created over 200 publications, covered up to 4.5 million unique users, and generated over 2,000 leads via paid promotion.

And we hope to have increased the number of Volvo car owners in Kazakhstan.

Volvo. For life.