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Parimatch has been developing eSports betting for several years.
CS:GO is one of the most popular types of esports for the CIS market audience.
Parimatch decided to make a bright video for the largest event in the CS:GO world (PGL Major Stockholm 2021) in order to attract the audience of this discipline and to create a strong emotional connection with the brand.
Firstly, esports audience is sensitive, toxic, and doesn't like lies, has high expectations. It is ready to immediately reject ideas and creatives. By sharing it’s opinion, the audience may quickly create a wave of negativity in the community. Which is difficult to get rid of in the future. Secondly, each of the games has its own slang and its own vivid memes, that are understandable and evoke emotions. So, the brand’s task was to prove to the audience that it speaks the same language. To prove that it is ready to create advertising in a language understandable to the audience.

Counter-Strike and chickens have been inseparable since the game's inception. They are the characters that fill the map. That’s why they are constantly becoming characters in memes and community jokes.
Many players believe that these pet birds should only be used as targets for shooting. But no one has ever thought about what is behind the characters. We imagined, that somewhere there, there is a real camp where they prepare chickens for the game. Where they make fighters out of them so that they do not become easy prey for the entertainment of the players.

The campaign started in social networks with special teasers.
After the beginning of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, this Parimatch video appeared on the most popular streams, as well as on YouTube.
Easter eggs and references to the game were integrated into the video, on the basis of which activations were carried out in social networks.

At the peak moment of the championship, the total audience coverage on various streams amounted to 6 million users.
The video became the main association of the audience with the championship.
The video collected 14,000 views on YouTube and received extremely positive comments from the demanding audience.