For non-Almaty Almatians


Almatinskoe Zhigulevskoye

Рабочая группа

Creative Director — Nail Muratov
Strategy — Igor Golushko
Art Director, Designer, Director, Composer — Renat Popshev
Designer - Oksana Isupova
DOP — Kurmet Mustafin
Motion Designer — Vyacheslav Ligay
Senior Copywriter, Voice — Dariya Orazbayeva
Account Director — Yelena Brazhnikova


For almost 60 years Almaty Zhigulevskoe beer was proudly positioning itself as a beer “from Almaty for native Almatians”. For decades Almaty Zhigulevskoe has been winning hearts of Almatians with its nostalgic brand.
However, Almaty city drastically changed as well as its citizens. Nostalgia was no longer appealing for modern audience, so Almaty Zhigulevskoe needed to change its positioning and win hearts of new Almatians.

To change positioning of Almatickoe beer to be appealing to modern Almatians

According to Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies, internal migration in Almaty reached 70% in 2020. Meaning, modern Almaty’s majority of population consists of people from all over the country. However, all newcomers face unjustified hostile attitude being called “yokels”, “bloody countrymen”, “orcs”, “savages” and other offensive name-callings. This attitude robs newcomers of the right to call themselves Almatians. Even though, it’s the newcomers who make Almaty the city the whole country adores.

To change this attitude and provide newcomers with the opportunity to feel like Almatians, Almaty Zhigulevkoe changed its positioning to “Almatinskoe – For Almatians from all over the country” and launched new campaign, welcoming newcomers and explaining the new meaning of “being Almatian”.

Results & achievements
In SIX WEEKS our campaign sparked a wave of debates on social media, collecting 17 878 717 IMPRESSIONS
2 600 793 REACH

Integrated campaign consisted of online film, website, and series of neck hangers on the beer bottles.