Рабочая группа

Creative director and co-founder Testo: Zamira Rakhmanova
Marketing manager: Shokhista Abdullaeva


Zamira Rakhmanova is a popular blogger in Uzbekistan and co-founder of the Testo by Zamira&Co. The "Testo" brand is famous for its dough dishes from various countries of the world and its active civic position.

February 2022. Recent events have changed the fate of many people. But it was impossible to talk about it openly or take a definite position.

The chain of dumpling’s restaurants in Tashkent Testo by Zamira & Co, due to current events, cannot silently stand aside and is changing its signboard. "Testo" is an international team, which employs Uzbeks, Russians, Ukrainians, Koreans, Tatars and other nationalities. The main value of the team is unity.

Zamira decides to show own position without violating the neutrality. From now on, Zamira's name, written in Latin with a capital letter Z, will be written in Cyrillic with the hashtag #ЗаМира, that means "for peace", emphasizing the position of the founder of the brand.

To indicate your position without violating neutrality, you can simply take a picture of the cafe's sign and post it on your page

We did not make this gesture for the sake of coverage or recognition, although there were a lot of them. We took this step to say that we are for world peace and so that people are not afraid to talk about what they care about

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