Kusto Home

Рабочая группа

Project team
Lincoln Company Team
Zarina Yuldasheva, Event-Director
Sergey Sek, Event concept
Irina Buchnaya, PR-Manager
Yuliya Rakhmetova, Technical Specialist
Adil Kadyrbergen, Sanira Baitasova - Designers
Nikita Kim, Event-Manager

SMM and influencers - OYNA
Kuralay Omirzhanova, SMM and influencers lead

Video Production - Drugaja Studio
Malika Hakim - Creative & Executive Producer
Andrey Levchenko - General Producer

Client team - Kusto Home
Nursultan Belkhojayev, Product-manager (Marketing)
Kristina Isayenko, Promotion Marketer
Aiym Kopbayeva, CX Manager
Salima Makhiyeva, Director of Sales
Nazigul Kulatayeva, Marketing Analyst


Koktobe City Presentation - online presentation of the 4th stage of the development project of Kusto Home. The project is an example of European inspired low-rise apartments in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The class of the project - business. Kusto Home is a benchmark development company leading several projects in Kazakhstan and Vietnam. It is a branch of the international Kusto Group. The 4th stage of Koktobe City began in April 2021 and is planned to be finished in the 4th quarter 2023.

Date: April 22, 2021
Format: Online presentation

Audience: Active citizens, families with kids, entrepreneurs, high-level professionals, investors. 30-50 years old, interested in sports, education, travel, self-development, time management.

Plan and coordinate 360° PR+marketing campaign to attract potential clients for online presentation and follow up to close sales;
Pre-sale of 40 apartments before and during the online presentation and 100+ within 3-4 months after the presentation;
Increase brand awareness among potential customers, define advantages and communicate to the public;
Design a key-visual for the campaign, develop a web-site for the 4th stage presentation, designs for web / print, develop a system for registration for online presentation and communications with potential clients, create a pre-payment system for early bird booking;
Check existing pre-sale communications (call center);
Сreate a new and wow online presentation that will be a benchmark in marketing communications at least in the construction industry.

We launched integrated marketing campaign that included SMM, targeted ads, radio, influencers, digital media and billboards to get 1100+ registrations for the online presentation;
1500 views of the online presentation within the launch and first day, 8 500 views up to this date;
12 influencers, 185 000+ reach, 50 000+ likes, 800+ comments, 1000+ reposts
20 media integrations / materials with 430 000+ reach;
We were first to use 3D screen-tracking technology in Kazakhstan for commercial use (also used before in The Mandalorian show), filmed 25 minutes presentation in classic advertisement format (normally 15-60 seconds);
We filmed a concert with legendary singer Yerkesh Shakeev on Koktobe (landmark city location connected to the brand Koktobe City) - one of the favorite singers among our target audience and adjusted the time of the presentation to the scenery of the concert so the sunset on the screen would match actual sunset during online presentation;
2600 calls from leads willing to know more about the product;
40+ sales before and during the presentation for approximately 2 700 000 000 tenge, 60 sales after presentation within 4 months for approximately 4 075 500 000 tenge.

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