The Canvas Leaflets


Samsung Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Nurlan Satarov
Assiya Shaikenova

Client Service:
Andrey Yankov
Antiga Babayeva


Product Background:
Samsung The Frame.
TV when it's on. Art when it's off.
In Art Mode – The Frame transforms into art when you're not watching TV.
It displays over 1,600 works of art from various museums and galleries.

At the point of sale – information about the product is promoted by flyers that consumers immediately throw into the trash without carefully studying the capabilities of the TV.
In addition, it's hard to choose the right size of the TV in a retail environment due to shop size.

The Canvas Leaflets.
Real-world scale Leaflets in the form of The Frame TV.

The leaflets are printed on canvas, imitating the texture and look of a painting.
Their sizes equal the range of The Frame TVs: from the smallest - 32" to the largest - 85".
On the back side are technical specifications of the TV and a QR code.

Thanks to these leaflets, the consumer can take them and "try on" the desired size of the TV in an apartment before buying, learn the most important USPs and purchase it at a discount via the QR code on the back.

The Canvas Leaflets.
Leaflet when it's try. TV when it's buy.