Buba&Kiki Kvass Branding


Caspian beverages holding

Рабочая группа

Creative director: Nail Muratov
Group head: Sergey Alexanin
Strategist, copywriter: Dmitry Larionov
Photographer: Georgy Chumakov
Copywriter: Roman Shakhbalaev
Designer: Anastasia Velikodnaya
3D designer: Adele Mahat
Account Director: Elena Brazhnikova
Motion designer: Vyacheslav Ligay


Kvass is an ancient drink that once was very popular in Soviet Union. However, for younger generation it is a confusing out-of-time drink with a strange flavor.
Our task is to develop a kvass brand, to reinvent this drink for the youth, explain its essence and make it modern and appealing for young people.

Polls have shown that kvass leaves polar impression among young people: for some it is refreshing and vigorous, but for others it is pleasantly sweet and rounded.
That is why we used the "buba–kiki" effect in the design and name: a neurological phenomenon called "synesthesia", when the human mind establishes a bond between a visual form, sound and text. "Buba" is soft and round, while "Kiki" is sharp and spikey.

The drink can be bought in all cities of Kazakhstan.