Marmaris Tour

Рабочая группа

Art-direction: Azizbek Umaraliev, Artyom Golubev
Design: Kamilla Khairullina, Artyom Golubev, Ismoilkhon Khusniddinov


Problem: The identity of Marmaris Tour before the rebranding was an absolutely typical and monotonous visualization of a travel agency. The logo did not differ in originality and did not distinguish the brand from its competitors, the lack of a system in the presentation of branded elements led to chaos in media branding and confused consumers.

Task: The task was to increase the level and quality of brand perception through visual communication and to simplify identification in the associations of the Marmaris brand with the travel industry. It was necessary to abandon the template style of design in order to avoid uniformity and repetition.

Solution: For the company of Marmaris Tour:

• A complete rebranding was made and a unique corporate identity was created from scratch, which completely distinguishes the company from competitors.

• A logo design was developed, it consisted of three elements: arches, sun and waves. The arch, an image of opening up new opportunities and horizons, has become an excellent alternative to the image of an airplane, because the company offers many options for full-fledged travel, and not just air travel.

• Branded illustrations were created using the arch, which will be associated only with the Marmaris companies. Absolutely every detail will distinguish it from competitors at all contact points with the audience: in social media, advertising banners and posters.

• Moreover, at contact points with the audience, it was proposed to use a corporate illustration with a tourism thematics, where the main detail is also the symbol of the arch.

The main message: In the kaleidoscope of cultures and nationalities, hundreds of cities and millions of sightseeings, everyone finds a dream country which wants to visit.

Despite the variety of travel preferences, all tourists have one thing in common — the desire to open the window in one lovely morning and greet the new country.

We revealed the idea without changing the essence of the company, and turned Marmaris Tour into a window to the world of travel and recreation!