Angar - store of goods for home and everyday life.



Рабочая группа

Art-direction: Azizbek Umaraliev, Artyom Golubev
Design: Artyom Golubev, Kamilla Khairullina, Rustam Iskandarov


Angar - store of goods for home and everyday life.

To rebrand and create a guidebook with branding of key storage devices, which are required in the retail industry.

The old logo (see the last post in the carousel) no longer meets the modern requirements of the time, so it was decided to get rid of the intricate design of the capital “A”, completely change the font and color scheme. The new identity is simple and concise, maximally adapted to the target consumer. The colors of the brand are bright and positive, creating the necessary visual associations with the household, utensils and everyday life.

Characters were created as graphic stylistic elements in the form of household goods, using 3d and 2d graphics.

The main task of graphic elements were to maintain uniformity of brand identity at contact points with audience: in social media, advertising banners and posters.