There for you. Always, Wolt



Рабочая группа

Client: Wolt
Marketing Manager: Leila Kaliyeva
Acting General Manager: Laula Stamkul
Creative Director: Alena Che
Project Manager: Anton Samsonov
Copywriter: Alma Urustemova
Producer: Margarita Gorbacheva
Production: Playback Film


To translate the user experience into a video demonstrating careful and gentle approach of the delivery service

We focused on Wolt’s unique features - friendly TOV, fast delivery and wide range of offers.
We came up with the idea: “Wolt will be there for you! Always”.
And created a story of a friendship between a girl and a courier passing through a long time to show that life changes every day, but your friend Wolt is always with you no matter what.

We constructed and filmed an OLV, consisting of four 15 sec-stories. This allows us to to use each story on its own, as a separate creative.

A cup of coffee - in the morning
Delicious meal - for busy lunch
Supporting dinner - for the hard day’s night
Games and snacks - right in time for the party

4,4% CTR (higher than of other ads for the same period)
67% CVR (higher than of other ads for the same period)
26 000 + downloads from this OLV-campaign
Positive comments on social media