"Havas. The Matrix" - a series of situational commercial videos


Havas Food

Рабочая группа

Producer: Lutfullayev Aziz
Director: Borisov Maxim
DOP: Yuldashev Bahodir
FAD: Voshchenikin Danil
Production Designer: Alexandr Suyunov
Production: Borisov&Irisov creative production



"Havas" is a dynamically developing grocery discounter chain in Uzbekistan.
The peculiarity of the advertising campaign was that its launch was planned on New Year’s Eve. It was necessary to convey to consumers that it is much more profitable to make purchases for the holiday table at a discounter. At the same time, for certain reasons, the client categorically forbade the use of the New Year theme.

We decided to use the release of "The Matrix Resurrections" as an informational occasion for filming a commercial. The choice of the film premiere was not accidental. The release of the 4th part of the film was a bright expected event in December and coincided with the New Year holidays.

In terms of film craft direction and production, our task was to recreate the original atmosphere of the famous film.

The plot of the video was developed in the context of a local audience:
– firstly, the trilogy is well known and loved not only by Havas consumers (men / women aged 30-50), but also among the youth;
– secondly, the residents of Uzbekistan are more willing to perceive new information in the format of humorous sketches.

In creating the script, we paid special attention to details. For example, we recreated the same kitchen where Pythia baked cookies for Neo.

Music, interior and special effects are thoroughly studied and recreated on the basis of the original film: For greater similarity of the visual component, the obtained technical information about the parameters of the film negative stock, film negative width, film print stock, distributed aspect ratio, development of the original The Matrix was taken into account. This immerses the audience in the atmosphere of the legendary film. And the script about the features of a grocery discounter looks organic and is easily perceived.


The video received a huge response from the residents of Tashkent and the Tashkent region.
Unique user coverage for 10 days was 847,250 Facebook users and 1,096,646 Instagram users.
Follower Growth: +127 on Facebook and +1,803 on Instagram.
Total reposts: 2,632.

Results in Havas grocery discount stores:
– The number of visitors increased by 35%.

We launched a non-standard New Year's advertising campaign and didn't lose. The advertisement was remembered by consumers, and our team and Havas management team were satisfied with the result.