Yangi Hayot - industrial technopark



Рабочая группа

Art-direction: Azizbek Umaraliev, Artyom Golubev
Design: Artyom Golubev, Kamilla Khairullina, Rustam Iskandarov


Project: Yangi Hayot (Uzb. "New Life") — a new industrial technopark with a scale of 210 hectares, which is situated in the capital city.

Task: creating a logo and brend identity that can reflect the trends of the present, whilst being simple and understandable for the perception of the target audience — investors and entrepreneurs in the field of production and construction.

Solution: A logo and brand elements were developed for the Yangi Hayot project. Distinctive details are a modern technological font and the presence of two colors that make the brand identity bright and memorable. The graphic part (icon) is based on a leaf — a symbol of new life and new beginnings. This icon also became the basis for the pattern — an intricate pattern that resembles the combined links of a chain.