Рабочая группа

Bekzod Abduvaliev - Film Director, Cinematographist
Sarvar Tukhtaev - Scriptwriter, Second Director
Odil Mukhamedov - Second Director, Producer
Luiza Nazarkulova - Copywriter
Iskander Khabibulin - Copywriter
Oleg Suyunov - Lighting Director
Daniil Nikitin - Editor


The Abstract VIsuals team should have created the script and the video for the potato production company - Agrover. The major idea of the video was to represent that potato is the product, consumed by people of various income, age and other cultural and demographical groups. The major message of the ideo was to show that even such a common thing as potato may unite and bring some warmth to the everyday life, no matter whether you are a student, or grandmother, cooking with your grandson, or working at the farm, creating this product.