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Рабочая группа

Depot WPF:
Farkhad Kuchkarov - Strategy Director
Anna Rozhnova - Client Service Director
Raushan Sultanov - Creative Director
Maria Lutsenko - Senior Strategist
Ekaterina Nosenko - Project Manager

Urmatbek Beishenaliev - Marketing Director
Zamira Rakhmanova - Creative Director
Nurbek Abyldaev - Brand manager
Donierbek Soliev - Art Director
Alisher Boykuziev - Marketing Communications Manager
Sardor Kuchkarov - Trade Manager


ISHONCH is an appliances, electronics and homeware store chain. It was planned to enter new regions and do a rebrand along with that. The original brand concept did not represent the current principles and values followed by the team for some time already. Besides, it was not flexible enough for brand meanings and style to evolve.
Doing our research, we revealed two major problems in the Uzbekistan retail sector. Firstly, competitors easily copy each other's style. Secondly, the country needed a smooth transition from bazaar to modern retail. No doubt, some shopping space is more comfortable now but humanity, attention, transparency, and liveliness went missing. We set out to do a rebrand that would primarily influence the customer journey and help customers feel better in retail. It dawned on our team that if we solve such an issue, others will hardly copy us since these are not just the external changes but the transformation from within.

This is how we created the Truzbek concept. Truzbek is a person, a philosophy, a principle, a new mindset where you do not wait for a bigger life but go for it. Our neighbors, parents or friends can be Truzbeks — those who change the world around, do not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. ISHONCH as a brand contributes to that and offers up-to-date and convenient products for life, business, education, and personal development. Additionally, we worked out a system of communication in retail for the brand to create a more comfortable environment in stores: communicate with customers, give clues, and share advice.
The Truzbek concept rests on giving a new meaning to heritage, shaping a new generation, and standing for personal values and education.

Development of a new brand platform, update of the brand identity, social media and all communications, collaborations with local teams and brands, and most importantly, launch of new format stores focused on customers and aimed to make their life better day by day.

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