Рабочая группа

Art-direction: Azizbek Umaraliev, Artyom Golubev
Design: Artyom Golubev, Kamilla Khairullina.


Project: SANGZOR Boutique Hotel — a new boutique hotel in the middle of the historical center of Samarkand.

Objective: Creation of the logo and the guideline that would reflect in its essence a tribute to traditions and cultural authenticity, while combining modern trends and aesthetics.

Solution: A logo was developed, consisting of a sign and a font part, which embody oriental motifs and ornaments — the main features of the originality of our history. The color palette is elegant, luxurious and calm. The shade of blue is a tribute to modernity, while beige is a reference to the predominant color of all historical monuments of the cultural capital of Uzbekistan.