Korzinka Rebranding



Рабочая группа


founder, CEO - Zafar Khashimov
marketing director - Malik Karimov
marcom manager - Anna Sapunova
store format and POSM development manager - Vladislav Kudinov
copywriter - Mirzayor Erkinov
marketing specialist - Nigina Atakhanova
art director - Ilkhom Zaripov
brand manager - Jakhongir Yusupov
CX manager - Aziz Khankhadjaev

brand leader — Oleksii Maksymenko
copywriter — Natalia Tsvietkova
copywriter — Olha Tkachuk
art-director — Serhiy Hedulianov
chief designer — Vitalic Parfilev
chief designer — Leonid Tatarinov
designer — Arina Lukovina
CGI & Animation — Andrii Gorlov
type designer — Dmitry Rastvortsev
strategist — Zhenya Gavrylychenko
strategist — Oksana Chumak
manager — Iryna Tsariuk
manager — Kateryna Ivanova
co-CEO, Head of CX & product — Maksym Iliukhyn
CX & product strategist — Nastya Stratovych
CX & product strategist — Vlad Shpyl
junior CX & product strategist — Nastya Krestenko

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For 25 years Korzinka has built itself to become the largest retailer in Uzbekistan. An undisputed leader of the market, the brand accounted for more than half of the supermarket food retail market share.
However considerable economic reforms in the country and the potential growth of the market segment made it very attractive for foreign large players.
Global chains threated to change the rules of local supermarket retail, providing a more holistic brand and customer journey.
It became clear, that in order to continue to grow further Korzinka required a massive upgrade and a thorough rebranding.
Update the client experience, brand strategy, design and communication.

At the beginning of 2021, through quantitative and qualitative research, detailed analysis of our customers and competitors, we developed a strategy, design and updated our communication.
As the locomotive of the rebranding communication, we created a series of video commercials best describing our brand mission – to be better than usual.
Each of the video commercials displayed the key values of the brand that we try to uphold for more than 25 years.
25 years that we continually become increasingly better. Better prices, better merchandise, better proximity to home, better experience for customers, and better new stores.

Better than usual.