Рабочая группа

Urmatbek Beishenaliev - Marketing Director
Zamira Rakhmanova - Creative Director
Nurbek Abyldaev - Brand manager
Donierbek Soliev - Art Director
Alisher Boykuziev - Marketing Communications Manager
Sardor Kuchkarov - Trade Manager

Farrukh Sharipov – creative director
Sergey Gorobtsov – copywriter
Liya Gerasimova – account manager
Tamila Mirzayeva – art director
Timur Mikheev – pre-press specialist

Production-Abstract Visuals:
Ivan Proskuryakov – producer
Bekzod Abduvaliev – producer
Andrey Skripnik – operator
Kamil Shakirov – focus puller
Mina Khlekhyan – 1AD
Valeria Popova – project manager
Muzaffar Yusupov / Fayez Buzrukhodjaev – location
Helga Geller – production designer
Angelina Abduvalieva / Bakhtiyor Raimzhonov – casting
Zara Radjabova / Karolina Gorodnya – makeup artist
Laylo Zakirova – costume designer
Kamila Mevlyudova – administrator
Dennis Sharipov – service manager
Khodjiakbar Lutfullakhodjaev – editing
Daniyar Mussin – colorist
Aidos Kenzheev – back-up


Summer in Uzbekistan has always been very hot. It's the season for sales of cooling equipment.
At this time, a lot of advertisements from retailers and manufacturers of equipment are shown, where residents of cities suffer from the heat.

How to stand out among a large number of ads? We are Ishonch, we showed not citizens, but residents of the regions, our audience. After all, Ishonch is a retail network in the regions of the country.

What is their difference? Citizens spend most of the summer moving between cooled rooms: office, cafes and shopping centers. While residents of the regions meet the summer heat on the street: they are engaged in agriculture, go to bazaars and build houses.

We have shown the truth — people who are not afraid of the summer heat – hot Uzbeks. People who need cooling equipment only in the evening to relax at home after their daily worries.

The total coverage was nine million people. Sales of cooling equipment increased by 13%.

Come to us in the summer to meet hot Uzbeks.