Gross insurance

Рабочая группа

Client – Gross:
Kamoliddin Beknazarov – Marketing Director
Daria Votchel – Marketing Department Manager

Agency – Synthesis:
Farrukh Sharipov – Creative Director
Alina Mirzayeva – Director of Customer Service
Tamila Mirzayeva – Art Director
Anna Kim – Account Manager
Shakhnoza Ibragimova – Copywriter
Timur Mikheev – Pre-press Specialist

Production – Snova production:
Damir Mubinov – Director
Mia Mubinova – Producer
Bokhodir Yuldashev – DP


GROSS Insurance Company is one of the leaders in the market, launched a policy for travelers.
Imagine how great it is to relax and not think about the troubles that may happen to you.
But, our people are not used to buying an insurance policy voluntarily.
Instead of real ways to protect themselves from trouble, people resort to superstitions – isryk just in case, kuzmunchok, so as not to jinx, or even kill a rooster!

We decided to tell people that there is one amulet that will definitely protect them from trouble and this is our insurance.
In the advertising campaign, we showed a funny story of a family going on vacation.
Special isryk vaporizers were installed on LED screens, which were fumigated for good luck by the whole city. We also attracted bloggers who told about their travel-related superstitions and about our product.
We even renamed our insurance policy to “Oq yo'l” – the most common phrase that travelers can meet in our country.

We received a lot of comments and reactions. They talked about us in the media and telegram channels. And even competitors have noted our creativity.
The total coverage was 6 million people. Sales of insurance policies increased by 317%.

By the way, not a single rooster was hurt during the advertising campaign