Рабочая группа

Executive Director: Belyashina Yekaterina
Creative Director: Uxikbayev Azatkhan
Creative Group Head: Lazareva Kristina
Сopywriter: Padyukova Yekaterina
Copywriter: Pozdeyev Timofey
Senior Designer: Grishkina Valeriya
Account Director: Nekrasovа Anastasia
Account Manager: Dzhaparova Zulfiya


Forte Bank launches an annual promo campaign. Brand raffles a million tenge for a taken loan. But the market is overfull with ads of money draws, and that gives a low chance for the proposal to be mentioned in the clatter.

Kazakhstanis react sharply to everything that is non-traditional.
So, we launched a provocative campaign that breaks the usuality of the traditional promo communication. Forte Bank proposed a prize of "million cashback" which is totally absurd to get by a casual loan and created a visual that not only doesn't look like usual ads of the “money” promo but bank ads at all.