Timeless Heritage



Рабочая группа

Client: Wolt Kazakhstan
General Manager: Laula Stamkul
Head of Marketing: Leila Kaliyeva
Marketing Manager: Gaukhar Aubakir
Creative Director: Alena Che
Production Head: Margarita Gorbacheva
Project Manager: Anton Samsonov
Copywriter: Olessya Shaposhnikova
Producer: Ratmir Nazirov
DOP: Ibrahim Srymuly
Production Designer: Kamilla Nougmanova
PD Assistant: Alan Nougmanova
AC: Mansur
Administration: Alimzhan Alimbayev
Edito: Ibrahim Srymuly
Color Grading: Assan Janjiqitov
Hair Stylist: Katya
Make Up: Ainura Ryspekova
Gaffer: Didar
Lighters: Didar, Duman


In March of 2022 Wolt came to us with a request: “How should we celebrate Nauryz in Kazakhstan?”

We aimed to celebrate the origins and the culture of the country we all live in. But with a little twist — we had to intertwine it with the stories of the present.

The video was based on the old tradition of nomads.
In the past, on every holiday the messenger was sent — to share the good news.
Looking back to this tradition, we carried it through modern-day narrative.
Our idea was to draw parallels between the past and the present. To demonstrate the deeply entrenched core values — love and care.

Conversion to the website was 2 times higher than the other Wolt OLV ads.
More than 3 million views on YouTube.
The client liked the video so much that they even decided to rotate it in 16 cinemas, 6 cities of Kazakhstan.