Special Project “Don't Stand Away”


Pink Island

Рабочая группа

ROCKET Digital Agency:
Rustam Makhamadjanov
Sabina Shernazarova
Camilla Panayeva
Danir Salikhov


In recent years, news about the abuse against women, beatings and cases of manhandling by men began to appear more often in Uzbekistan.
Aggression against women can happen anywhere - on the street, at her own wedding, and we cannot say for sure, how much violence happens behind closed doors.
In all these situations, besides the aggressor and the victim, there is also a third party - witnesses. Silent, awkwardly smiling, frankly laughing, but most often they are cold and indifferent. It is easier for them to close their eyes than to support the victims.
Now remember how often you witnessed violence? And how many times you could have not noticed such cases?

Solution: "Pink Island" women's clothing brand launches a social project - “Don't Stand Away”. As part of the project, Instagram posts with models were published on the Pink Island brand page during the week. At first sight they did not differ from ordinary photo posts. But upon closer examination, obvious traces of suffocation, abrasions and bruises on the body of the models could be easily noticed.
At the end of the week the final post was published with the same models, but with an emphasis on body injuries and statistics - how many people noticed that something was wrong in the photo.
The most popular question in the comments was: How could we not notice this?

Live broadcasts were also held with psychologists and social workers, where every girl could get answers to the questions: “What to do in cases of domestic violence?”, “Where to turn for help if you have become a victim or witness of such cases?”

Thanks to the project, it was possible to draw attention to the problem, urge witnesses not to be silent, to be more vigilant so as not to miss the signals for help from victims of domestic violence.
We believe that each of us can make a difference if we make the right decision - not to stand aside.