Детский сад на колесах Aqlvoy / Kindergarten on wheels

Детский сад на колесах Aqlvoy / Kindergarten on wheels


Министерство дошкольного образования / Ministry of Pre-school education

Рабочая группа

Стратегия / Strategy: Денис Елисеев / Denis Eliseev
Режиссер / Director: Алишер Сейтниязов / Alisher Seytniyazov
Продюсер / Producer: Анастасия Ли / Anastacia Lee
Линейный продюсер, Дания Кияева, Алина Миш / Daniya Kiyaeva, Alina Misch
Операторы / DoPs: Багдат Аргинов, Эмиль Баширов, Алексей Богданов / Bagdat Arginov, Emil Bashirov. Alexey Bogdatov
Арт директор / Art director: Тимур Абдюшеев / Timur Abdyusheev


Uzbekistan had a low enrollment rate for preschool.

The construction of kindergartens solved the problem in regional centers and cities but the hard-to-reach villages remained to be a challenge. It was not economically feasible to construct a kindergarten for only a small population because of the high maintenance cost. The MPE recognizes that preschool is a critical age to shape children's ability to learn and to lay a solid foundation for the future. 

And you can not leave pre-schoolers in hard-to-reach places without a chance for education

We found out that 73% of children had to walk for miles to get to the nearest kindergarten.
Preschoolers and their parents had to devote so much time traveling to and from kindergarten. This forced parents to give up their jobs to take care of their children at home.

And we came up with the idea — since kids can’t go to kindergarten, kindergarten will come to them itself.

The MPE converted 65 buses into mobile kindergartens to provide more space and opportunities for education at a fraction of the cost compared to building physical kindergartens.

The number of children who now have access to pre-school education in hard-to-reach villages has increased from 0 to 6,260

And pre-school enrollment nationally increased from 27% to 67%