Brand Identity for Settle Law Firm


Settle Law Firm

Рабочая группа

TABOO team:
Aziz Sayidov
Malika Saatova
Rustam Makhamadjanov


Settle, a law firm with extensive experience and a proven reputation in intellectual property and corporate law, approached us with a request to create a new logo and identity.

Solution: After a thorough analysis of the brand, we found a minimalistic, but at the same time unique solution for our client. The logo consists of a modern font that includes a ligature with an accented stroke. The highlighted stroke is associated with a bandage covering the eyes of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. With this stroke, we emphasize the main points in the articles of various international legal codes and codes of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For example, when reviewing an article from the Copyright Law, we highlight key factors in this text with corporate color. Then we remove the text, and the remaining rectangles become the finished pattern.

In order for the partners who will receive this merch, to clearly read the message of the identity, we packed all the media in transparent bags, on which we placed the texts of the articles. In this case, the bands on the merch emphasize the key points in the article, which will be easily perceived by the user. By removing the package, only a pattern remains, reminding the owner of the merch the meaning that it has.