Samsung Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Denis Roman – CEO
Sherzod Akhmedov – project manager
Elyora Atabaeva – influence manager
David Matevosyan – designer
Xurmo Production – production studio


When a girl is born in Uzbekistan, usually their family says: “may the next one be a boy!”.
When a girl shares extraordinary dreams for her future, she’s immediately told “what would people say? It does not suit a girl!”
When there’s both a girl and boy in a family, first priority is put on the son’s education – his future is most important.
The main aim of an Uzbek family is to make sure their daughters are married, without bothering to help them become people in their own right.
Women must overcome many obstacles to fulfill their ambitions.

Samsung has decided to inspire women to break boundaries, not give up, and to realize themselves and their full potential.
As a part of the #FemaleTeamGalaxy campaign, 14 women influencers from different fields have shared stories of their paths to success.
They’ve been joined by bloggers and Samsung team members, who have also shared insight into their lives and experiences.

As a result, women across Uzbekistan have begun telling their success stories on social media accounts.
The project has received hundreds of positive responses from women driven to change their communities and their futures.
1 200 000 + reach in social networks

Campaign video (ENG SUB): https://youtu.be/zixHIOuFvSY
All interviews: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW1LPSUlZjtHroCBCzqZKzkQTyp8i5b6H