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SamAuto marketing team:
Ilkhom Yarashev, Munisa Israilova, Ruslan Urmanov, Veronika Kim, Umida Sharipova

PR agency: maslov:tashkent
Head of communication: Julia Elmuradova

Event agency: ADD Event
Event Organizer: Aziza Arslanbekova
Event Manager: Alisher Abduvakhidov



In 2020, the SamAuto plant (manufacturer of buses, trucks and special equipment, ISUZU D-Max pickups) launched new cars for Uzbekistan, i.e. ISUZU D-Max pickup trucks. The problem is a small demand for pickups and insufficient awareness of the SamAuto brand among the target audience.

Raise awareness of the SamAuto brand and the new ISUZU D-Max line, generate demand for off-road vehicles by popularizing outdoor activities and domestic car tourism.


We have launched the first national-scale travel quest in Uzbekistan — D-MAX quest. For 3 months, the teams that passed the selection were completing tasks in little-known, but picturesque locations with great tourist potential.
81 teams were formed. Well-known businessmen were among the participants.

The initial motivation to participate in the D-MAX quest was triggered through offering of a valuable prize: the captain of the winning team received the most expensive model of the line – ISUZU D-Max Irbis. However, according to the organizers, during the competition, the priorities of the participants were supposed to shift from material gain to the emotional component and human values.

The travel quest consisted of registration and 3 stages, each of which included 3 trials (tasks). The group and final stages were held on weekends once every 2 weeks (we made sure that the participants had time for rest and personal affairs).

During one of the trials of the second stage, a team of major Instagram bloggers joined the participants. Their result was not taken into account, but allowed them to reach a wide audience and broadcast the spirit of the D-MAX quest to the masses, namely drive, adrenaline, excitement, friendship, support. The coverage of the blogging audience was 300 thousand people.

Friends, relatives, bloggers, representatives of mass media, TV, jeepers rally participants, and even relegated teams came up to support the competitors at the final trials. All participants and spectators agreed that the winning team was determined honestly and fairly.


The D-MAX quest covered people who are active in life, who use cars for work and entertainment, as well as a wider audience (mass).

Information campaign results:
81 teams were formed by the beginning of the quest;
Number of views for the entire period of the quest (from the registration stage all the up to the final) – 3.2 million + TV (TV audience not included due to the lack of metrics);
Coverage (unique users) – 1.6 million. This figure does not include the audience of news release on UzReport TV channel due to the lack of metrics;
Total mentions in social networks – 313;
Involvement — 41,308;
175 unique authors.

We used a multi-channel approach to highlight and promote the quest. 7 platforms in total were involved: Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, YouTube, media (including TV), an offline site (announcement during 2 rounds of “Quiz, please!” intellectual game), We were also supported by the Off-Road Club “4x4 Energy Uzbekistan”.

Among the participants were leaders of large businesses, entrepreneurs. The coverage of a wide and high-quality audience was also achieved due to the fact that these participants proactively published photos and videos from the quest not only in their personal social media accounts, but also on the public pages of their companies.

Commercial Results:
Sales comparison between 2020 and 2021 – sales growth from July to December 2021 compared to the same period last year comprised 16%.
Sales comparison for 2021 – sales growth in the second half of 2021 compared to the first half of 2021 comprised 42%.
Sales comparison between 2021 and 2022 – sales growth from January to May 2022 compared to the same period last year was 23%.

The Kaleon team, who were eliminated before the second stage, remained in love with their car and purchased it.

Emotional Results
The customer considers the goals set in terms of the emotional perception of the quest and the SamAuto brand to be achieved. Participants of the D-MAX quest, on their own initiative, noted:
The intangible value of the competition, as well as the strengthening of friendly ties within and between teams.
The honesty of the organizers. The quest participants became brand advocates. They know and broadcast to the environment that SamAuto activities are conducted fairly and honestly.
Getting strong and vivid emotions.
The quest participants saw from their own experience how much travel gives, expanded the boundaries and became ambassadors of car tourism in their environment, as well as advocates for the SamAuto brand.