#What_Nobody_ Talk_About


Kimberly Clark

Рабочая группа

Zhanna Burakanova – creative director

Dina Sarkisyan - senior brand manager
Anar Akbarli - marketing director

Production studio - West East Service
Director - Sergey Rybakov


Current situation:
Kazakhstan society traditionally does not accept the women independence and desire for personal progress.
The destiny of the woman is the kitchen and children.
Any demonstration of individuality, femininity and success is a strict taboo.
The nation still has a concept of “uyat” – shameful, indecent behavior.
Using “uyat” to stigmatize young girls who want to be vivid and bright, want to develop, and achieve their goals and talk about it.

To support Kotex® image as a brand that understands and supports the needs of Kazakhstan girls and helps them to realize themselves as strong individuality.

Kotex® initiated a bold online project #what_nobody_talks_about, in which we invited top-level girls-bloggers for a dialogue on traditionally closed topics.

Kotex® inspired girls not to be shy about their feminine nature and call a spade a spade. Because the day when Kazakhstani society cease to hush it up, it will take a step towards the woman as an equal person.