Music video manifesto for KZ Mothers



Рабочая группа

Клиент: Nestle baby food
Айгуль Есентаева маркетинг менеджер категории детского питания

Buzzon agency :
Стратег и креативный лидер: Раим Дадыбаев
Аккаунт менеджер: Дана Кумачаева
Музыка: Сымбат Ракишев
Слова: Юлия Лебедева, Фархат Кулбаев

Video production: USHU Company
Director: Фархат Кулбаев
DOP: Асылхан Мельдебеков
Второй оператор: Мұрат Ынтымақбайұлы
Художник-постановщик: Назира Байбекова
Художник по костюмам: Жулдыз Амирова
Художник по гриму: Гульдана Жансейтова
Линейный продюсер: Саламат Исабаев
Дизайнер: Абдыльманова Алия
Ассистент художника-постановщика: Айнабеков Еламан
Ассистент художника-постановщика: Сагынаев Шалкар

Монтаж: Ерасыл Байбол
Цветокоррекция: Нуртас Мамытбаев


Сontext: Kazakhstani category of baby food is boring: all brands are similar in packaging & communications. Even with bloggers, all brands work similar: post + stories with the product and staged faces, which is not working. On the other hand, previous 5 years of promoting only product features gave nothing to sales despite Nestles brands has the biggest shelf & 98% awareness. How we changed this situation?

Our Goal: We knew NY is big opportunity to remind about us, its noizy period. So we need special format so we can standout & create an emotional connection with the brand.

Insight: the modern Kazakhstani mother has a million things to do around the house due to tradition "Yeneshka" is watching on her. Besides she wants to have time for herself and the social life that she watch on Instagram. She compare herself with them and begin to feel sorry for themselves about what they do not have, not noticing the wonderful moments with the children. Everything is going worse especially in the NY period.

Our Idea: to encourage and inspire mothers with the example of Sabira, manisfesting them “we are mothers and we can do everything in time”, showing that this is normal, everything will work out and everything will be fine, because there is someone to try for.

Solution: the first music video manifesto of moms with the famous and beloved Sabirkin, which talks about moms in spite of the entire category that only talks about children.

Results: 1M views, mothers started to share the video in messengers, instagram (video goes viral text on video), write a comments (1,5K+), give appreciation (5K+ likes) VTR so its give the Nestle brand growth in recognition.