Stop looking like coffee

Stop looking like coffee


Cappuccino Club

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Sergey Kurilenkov
Senior Copywriter: Yevgeniy Gruzinov
Designer / Illustrator: Katharina Enzo
Project Manager: Trishina Evgeniya


Cappuccino Club is a small coffee bar with signature drinks in Almaty.
The task was to attract new guests and subscribers to the coffee environment in connection with the opening of the coffee shop. Gathering our creative community of coffee admirers was also the goal that we pursued.
Since the guests of the cafe are young creative people and the Cappuccino Club encourages individualism and creativity, we came up with an advertising campaign with vivid images of people who often get to live without favorite coffee.

Stop looking like coffee

Every morning (sometimes in the middle of the day) we can be broken and tired so much that the face immediately shows everybody - "We need COFFEE." Our appearance tells everyone that coffee is exactly what our entire current state is about. So we came up with an image that directly reflects the idea “When we are tired, we ourselves look like coffee.” Bloated faces, disheveled hair and red eyes are the face of a man deprived of coffee.

We express the Brand help by showing the message "Don't look like coffee". We want to return people to their natural state and restore their "natural appearance". This advertising campaign is developed in further creative digital activity: “Send us your Before* and After photos and collect the most likes in social media” (*the look of you like coffee and your fresh look after). The winners in the “Best Coffee Photo” nominations will receive cool prizes from the Cappuccino Club coffee shop. It is also planned to create Instagram masks with the transformation of appearance into “coffee face”. This activity would reflect how much everyone changes without and with coffee. Cappuccino Club supports creative people and wants to bring them back to the "bright side", making their days brighter with coffee and funny creative mood.