Altel VR Film Fest

Altel VR Film Fest


Mobile Telecom Service LLP

Рабочая группа

Bibanov Olzhas, Turlybekova Madina, PR Department. Mobile Telecom Service LLP
Georgy Molodtsov, creative director, programming director (Russia)
Almaty VR Film Fest - Excalibur BTL solution
Astana VR Film Fest - EZS Group
Shymkent VR Film Fest - KVK Friends


How to present the benefits of the unlimited speed of the internet?
With the VR technologies and the chance to experience world best 360 content simultaneously thanks to the high speed LTE solutions provided by the mobile operator!
ALTEL VR Film Fests were held in 3 major cities in Kazakhstan (Almaty, September 2018; Nur-Sultan, December 2018; Shymkent, May 2019) with the idea of presenting the future of the technologies and correspond them to the high speed internet solutions provided by ALTEL.
As a result, over 1500 viewers had their first vr experienced in each city (overall - 4500 viewers) thanks to LTE technologies and simultaneous showcases of the world best 360 content about speed and technologies screened using innovative Huawei VR2 devices and Huawei P20 smartphones with the VRCM syncing technology.
Over 500000 people were covered with the information about event and its goals my mass media and social media.