Tiger Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

General Producer: Malika Hakim
Creative Director: Alexandr Galayev
Account Director: Laura Turakeldiyeva
Art Director: Ashir Muminov
Digital Specialist: Anastassiya Sabadasheva


In summer 2022 we held the first Singaporean urban art food music festival Tiger Summer Fest to launch Tiger and Tiger Crystal to the market.

Festival guests usually do not know how to spend time and what activities are available at the sight. They either spend time at one spot or stroll around and are not involved in activities. As we are holding a brand launch event for a totally new brand for our market, we need to involve guests in maximum brand activities.

We came up with the quest idea that motivates our guests to visit all festival zones and receive a special prize: a souvenir t-shirt. And among all, who completed the quest we will raffle off a ticket to the home country of our Tiger - Singapore.

Quest mechanics was described on the special ticket that every guest aged over 21 received at the entrance. On the back side, we placed a QR code with the link to a short landing page, where detailed information and rules were placed. Guests had to visit any 3 zones out of 5 available at the festival to receive a souvenir t-shirt and decorate it on their own at the art-fair zone. For each zone-visit guests received a checkpoint at the ticket and a bonus can of cold Tiger Crystal. Each zone was revealing important for us information about our brand:
- The food zone was representing an ideal food pairing for Tiger beer: Southeast Asia cousin and street food.
- The art & fair zone represented local artists from small handmade to NFT artists. Also, in this zone guests could watch Polygonal Tiger 7 meters sculpture creation process and create their own art on the t-shirt with the polygonal tiger head.
- Sport zones: basketball and balance boards created all-day dynamics with easy physical activity on the hot day that stimulated a desire for the can of cold beer.
- Brand zone gave an opportunity to receive information about our beer taste and brewery from trained promo personnel, play intellectual games and buy beer at the bar. The fastest way to receive 1 checkpoint and drive our sales.


Among all festival guests, who received tickets, 83% completed the quest successfully. 96% of them registered to our landing page to receive a chance to win a ticket to Singapore.