Tiger Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

General Producer: Malika Hakim
Creative Director: Alexandr Galayev
Account Director: Laura Turakeldiyeva
Art Director: Ashir Muminov
Event Director: Oxana Yelkina
Digital Specialist: Anastassiya Sabadasheva
Designer: Anna Afanasieva
Event Agency: 7 Rivers


Tiger is a worldwide popular lager brand from Singapore with the spirit of holidays in Southeast Asia. However we still did not have a presence in Central Asia, and Kazakhstan is our gateway to the region.

Quarantine restrictions, traffic collapse at customs, alcohol advertising law restrictions, and a series of negative events in the region at the moment of the distribution start made our brand launch complicated.

For many alcohol brands, the only way to promote products is through trade activities. But we have found another bold way to share our brand story and philosophy – immerse the audience in the Tiger’s homeland Singapore atmosphere.

We created the First in Kazakhstan two-day urban, art, food, and music festival - Tiger Summer Fest. Huge Singapore street decorations, unique Indie line-up, a wide selection of Street Food pairings for our beer, art performance, and fair with local talents – all of this is Tiger Brand platform. All of this - is Tiger Summer Fest.

Despite advertising restrictions, we received 2,5 mln of organic Reach, and what is important – we gathered our Core Target Audience as Festival guests and presented them with the two-day journey into our Brand.

Tiger’s tagline is "Uncage". And the Tiger brand launch in Kazakhstan is our uncage story.