Tiger Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

General Producer: Malika Hakim
Creative Director: Alexandr Galayev
Account Director: Laura Turakeldiyeva
Project Coordinator: Oxana Yelkina
Art Director: Ashir Muminov
Designer: Anna Afanasieva
Artists: Boris Klimov, REPAS Workshop


It is the first Launch of Tiger Beer to the Kazakhstan market. We need to make our launch bold. In summer 2022 we held the first Singaporean urban art food music festival Tiger Summer Fest to launch Tiger and Tiger Crystal to the market. A huge tiger sculpture, created by local artists, became the mascot of our festival and brand.

- The beer market is highly competitive and already has strong local and imported Brands.
- Alcohol advertising is prohibited by the law
- During the festival, we created a unique mascot – a 7-meter tiger sculpture. And we need to continue his story.

To find a popular and appropriate location for tiger sculpture.

Art performance of huge tiger mascot creation was one of the main activities at the Tiger Summer Fest. Popular Almaty street-artists group REPAS vivified our tiger in real-time in front of festival guests. By the end of the festival, the POLYGONAL TIGER sculpture have been posted thousands of times on Instagram and the character built a strong association with our brand. Taking into account all the law restrictions regarding alcohol advertising, we saw an opportunity in continuing the story of our tiger by placing it on the roof of the coffee shop in the courtyard of the mall Forum, where our festival took place. Ensemble in the courtyard, called Forum Plaza, was completed with stylized graffiti flowerpots and a Tiger wall.

Period: From 20th of June 2022
Monthly Forum Plaza attendance: 600 000
Tiger creation video views: over 6 500

In a few months, the tiger became a showplace and was posted hundreds of times to Instagram by Forum mall visitors. For our business partners location became a common place for meetings and they say: “Let’s meet under the Tiger”.