Рабочая группа

Client: Jusan Bank


Akzhan Oxykbayeva – Producer
Alibek Kaliyev – Producer
Kuanysh Beisekov – Director
Zhalanash talented children – Directors/DoPs/Actors
Assiya Tulesheva – Designer
Birzhan Shakarim – DoP
Andrey Belyanskiy – DoP
Meirzhan Issayev – DoP
Nurtas Kassymkhanov – DoP
Elina Kim – Line Producer
Diana Amunazar – Crew coordinator
Dariga Akhmetova – Project manager
Akmaral Sapparova - Project manager
Nazgul Akkalashova - Project manager
Alexandra Prokusheva - Project manager


Regions. When we talk about Kazakhstan, we should consider not only big cities such as Nur-Sultan and Almaty, but more than 42% of Kazakhstanis living in rural area - small towns and villages (so called "auyls"). All brands` wonderful marketing activities are always focused on citizens, only sometimes reaching small towns, villages and ayuls obviously not to be mentioned. JUSAN - one of country’s leading banking brands, always wanted to reach this audience, but mainly all communications were made in borderline of big cities. With tremendous growth of Kazakh-speaking audience and development of native language amongst youth from these regions this task became even harder.

With the task of interpreting Jusan’s new marketing campaign «Persona J» which was based on «opportunities for everyone» brand motto, we understood that not only the personalities chosen, but the project itself should display the message of opportunities.

With the choice of Kuanysh Beisekov, director, whose works deeply affected our country`s society with music videos for «Irina Kairatovna» music artist ( , gaining tens of millions views, documentaries about country`s life in 30 years of independence and other we completed the task of choosing right influencer for SMM and digital campaign.

Second was mission to choose the right project. With choice of supporting of the charity foundation created by K. Beisekov and the initiative of his social contribution to society in rural areas we developed right direction, and the essence of the project – helping children in small village to make their first steps in the profession of their dreams – filmmaking was in area of campaign goals too.

Social project Kel,Balalar, Oqylyq. (Come children, let`s learn).

First step of the communication was to move our team in auyl named «Zhalanash» located far big cities and full of desperate to learn children. Second, our team led by Kuanysh as a directing coach, coaches of photography and acting 7 days making masterclasses for 70 children from age 12 to 15, teaching them basics of filmmaking – masterclass, they didn’t even dreamed of.
Thirdly, the cavalry of the project – to the village was invited young Kazakhstani artist Yenlik now trending in KZ`s music charts, and our youngest possible film crew shot a music video to the new song, created specially to the project. Choice of Yenlik as co-influencer of the communication was not accidental, being teacher herself she definitely knew that focus of the project should be on young generation. As a person who also started new way to her aspired dream – music, and moving trough all difficulties of society disbelief that young girl rapping in Kazakh can become a popular music artist, her admiration to help this young village “film crew» and relevance to the project was huge.

It was the fourth step of making digital communication filmed in small village viral and open to all viewers.

Project name itself, was chosen as a reference to the poem of the great kazakh teacher-educator and public figure Ybray Altynsarin, who made great contribution in raising new generations.

As the result of the communication brand got two major branded digital content pieces

1. Documentary movie in which we see the process of this incredible journey with workshops given to children and backstage of music video creation. (6 of august 2022
Yelim-ai Education youtube channel)
2. Music Video for Yenlik`s song - Bir kem dunie made by group of young filmmakers (6 of august 2022 - Ozen youtube channel)

This works attracted the attention of thousands of Kazakhstanis who were inspired by this work. And the main result for us is that Jusan Bank was talked about as a Bank that makes a social contribution to the development of our country, which helped to increase brand loyalty.