From our farm, to your family


Pure Milky

Рабочая группа

Creative Director:
Otabek Sharapov

Creative team:
Mirafzal Mirahmadov
Aziza Alijonova

Artyom Fomin
Aleksey Petrikov
Javohir Anvarov

Account manager:
Muhammad Mirakbarov

Photo production: XEN


Pure Milky is one of the largest producers of natural dairy products in Uzbekistan. The task was to develop outdoor advertising showing that Pure Milky dairy products are natural and produced in their own farm in the village, away from urban pollution.

We decided to show how easily the farmer transfers the product to the consumer and how the brand shortens the path from a farm in nature to a consumer in a modern city.

To do this, we held a casting of hands, farmers and models. We picked up accessories for the “consumer”, showing a modern urban style. And the “farmer’s” shirt was rumpled and the sleeves were brutally wrapped. We even asked the “farmer” not to groom his hands a few days before filming. And they shot it all in the maximum natural spirit.