Sausage as a work of art / SMM using neural networks


Rohat Meat

Рабочая группа

VSEBUDET Creative Agency

Creative Director: Vitaliy Khalz
Copywriter: Anna Mushtaeva


A task:
Launch of a new brand of sausages, development of a creative brand profile on Instagram, which stands out from competitors in this segment.

We have developed a concept for the SMM promotion "Sausage as a work of art". The attribute of the brand's Instagram profile is that all texts and images are created by using a neural network and represent a different approach to the standard sausage promotion in the segment — photosets of identical product items in different dishes and consumption situations.

The client approved this concept for SMM, implementation began in September 2022. We published the case on the agency's social networks and received positive feedback from the audience and were mentioned in a number of local media, thereby increasing the virality and audience coverage of the project at the launch stage.