Central Bank of Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Idea & Design: Elina Ibragimova, Temur Sadi, Zokir Khalmatov, Adelya Uzyakova, Mansur Nabiev, Murat Risbikov, Anastasia Kim, Tamara Arkatova, Alina Vagapova, Mukhtarambonu Khanbabaeva, Alyona Matyushina, Stepan Litvinov.

Consulting: Maria Doreuli, Yuri Gordon, Denis Yeliseev, Erken Kagarov


In February, 2022 Central Bank of Uzbekistan has announced a competition to design a national currency symbol. We took part in this competition with our own concept. The idea was to unite the U-letter (Uzbekistan) with the form of our flag. We have published a huge article where we showed the detailed process of creating the symbol and the research that we’ve made.
Pros of our concept: — Simplicity of graphics;
— Difference from other signs;
— The sign is integrated into any font;
— Visual affinity with currency signs;
— Single-component;
— Ease of writing by hand;
— Strong idea.

Unfortunately and as we have expected our concept didn’t win the competition. Because all this kind of competitions & tenders have always been problematic in our industry. The winner work is almost always is weak and not professional. But we have made a buzz in the internet as we revealed our concept. People loved our symbol and started using our symbol in their own businesses.
20k+ mentions in mass media 100k+ views in social media and on website 12k+ shares