Some mothers experience more difficulties


Mamina skazka (Mother's fairytale)

Рабочая группа

VSEBUDET Creative Agency

Creative Director: Vitaliy Khalz
Copywriter: Anna Mushtaeva

Nexus Production:
Producer: Bekzod Abduvaliev
Сinematographer: Timur Amanshikov
Editor: Lola Masar


At the present time, an accessible environment for the adaptation of children with autism in Uzbekistan is just developing. Regular therapy of children with this diagnosis requires large financial costs. Most families can not afford to pay for such expensive therapy.

A group of volunteers in Tashkent have offered to start fundraising to pay for an online course for mothers of children with autism, after which they will be able to independently care for their children and adjust them to the world at a professional level.

To draw attention to the fundraising, we have created a video. Based on the stories of 4 mothers from Uzbekistan. The main message is that it is difficult to be a mother; whereas some mothers adjust their kids to life only for their first years of life, mothers of autistic children keep doing it all their life.

The results:
The video received a wide audience coverage, it was shared by many local influencers and the media. Individuals and legal organizations were inspired by the message and took part in the fundraising. As a result, the amount collected exceeded the expected amount by 490%.

Costs for the idea and production of the video: 420 000 soums
Promotion costs: 0 soums
Video views: 96 843
Video reposts: 1 051

Expected donation amount: 11 072 400 soums
Actual amount: 54 315 381 soums

Primarily we aimed to help 6 mothers, and now we are able to help 26 ones.